In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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non veni pacem Japanese study finds ‘significant increases’ in turbo cancer after three deathjabs
WINTERY KNIGHT Evidence for design in living systems is changing the way scientists work
Vox Popoli Waterloo Need Not Have Been Fought
Radix Fidem Blog Random Photos 18
Identity Dixie Young Dixie: A Battle for Our Future
Catacomb Resident JTMEE: Chapter 12c
Sigma Game Comments of the Week
Vox Popoli The Empire’s Economic Death Spiral
Barnhardt Deacon Nick Donnelly points decisively to the Coercion Clause (by the CIA) of Canon 188 invalidating the attempted resignation, and the installation of Bergoglio as Antipope.
Fr. Z's Blog Your Sunday Sermon Notes: 3rd Sunday after Easter (N.O. 4th of Easter) 2024
OnePeterFive Diebus Saltem Dominicis: 3rd Sunday after Easter – The Lord’s Ever-present Absence
Abbey of Misrule Well Beehived
Bruce Charlton A recently published account of a lecture Tolkien gave on The Notion Club papers
From the Narrow Desert The study of water
Bayou Renaissance Man Sunday morning music
non veni pacem Say goodbye to another $90B of your tax dollars, as a foreign flag flies in the (formerly) U.S. Congress. They hate you.
Junior Ganymede Thoughts on LARPing
Vox Popoli Why Warhammer Survived So Long
Radix Fidem Blog NT Doctrine — 1 Thessalonians 4-5
Remnant Newspaper Exploding Dog
Bruce Charlton Aiming for worldly success and popularity is maybe the worst Litmus Test failure
One Cʘsmos Shedding Meta-Light on the Enlightenment
Francis Berger The World? The Future? Our Children? Our Grandchildren?
Essays in Idleness Spirited fugue
Orthosphere Bearing Witness, False and Otherwise
WINTERY KNIGHT Knight and Rose Show #48: Krista Bontrager on Diversity
Orthosphere Let’s Wait for God 2.0
Catacomb Resident Extra: Divine Justice
Creative Minority Report Teen Girls Refuse to Throw Shotput Against Male after Court Tosses Law Banning Boys from Competing in Girl’s Category.
Identity Dixie Historical Lies Versus Modern Lies
Rev. Matt's Writings Theology is Not Neutral.
Catacomb Resident JTMEE: Chapter 12b
Fr. Z's Blog ROME 24/4– Day 31 (-10): The Parish™…. what’s next?
Trees and Triads anonhuman: chapter one
Barnhardt He must be nearing death because he has finally said something true.
Sigma Game I Know What I Want
Vox Popoli Another Horseman in Hell
Les Femmes Did the SSPX Really "Cover Up" the Fr. Rostand Case?
Bruce Charlton Saturday music: Vikingur Olafsson plays Bach BV 528 (transcribed by Stradal).
Bruce Charlton 1963, Newton Abbot - my only regular passenger steam-train ride
Bruce Charlton Dystopias reinforce double-negative values
Bayou Renaissance Man Saturday Snippet: A survivor's story about a modern crisis
Fr. Z's Blog WDTPRS: 4th Sunday of Easter (Novus Ordo) – Mighty humble Shepherd, humble mighty flock
John C. Wright APRIL 19
non veni pacem Muriel from Porpoise Spit shall be your sole source of truth, dammit.
Thinking Housewife When Nationalism Is Everything And Indeed

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